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    • 6:00 PM-12:00 AM (il giorno dopo)


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    • 6:00 PM-12:00 AM (il giorno dopo)


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    • 6:00 PM-12:00 AM (il giorno dopo)

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    • Foto di Kacy L.
      Kacy L.
      Santa Monica, Stati Uniti
      14 apr 2016

      You really can't beat this place. We sat outside and shared the toasted bread with brie and walnut, the fried zucchini sticks, the norma pasta, and the nutella dessert. Really delicious. We drank a 1/2 bottle of house white wine and some espressos. Everything was tasty and timely. The price was incredibly cheap for everything we got. Service was solid.

      The one little thing I noticed was that the waiter always looked at and directed all questions to my boyfriend, as if I wasn't there, and always said sir, as in "are you ready to order, sir?" I understand its a patriarchal culture, but come on. Give a girl a break...

    • Foto di AbsolutDrunkPunK R.
      AbsolutDrunkPunK R.
      Alta Loma, Stati Uniti
      13 set 2023

      This place was absolutely a waste of time. Completely ignored us. But to be fair- one in our party mentioned the owner did try to speak to us on arrival in Italian but we did not realize it. But when we did stand at the entrance we were ignored by three other staff members even though we patiently stood their waiting and we're quite obviously waiting to be attended to.

      When we approached to ask for a table for six. The owner in a t-shirt snapped "NO!" while raising her crossed arms in the air as if we were asking her for the 20th time. Same woman whom sneered at us on our arrival and had the audacity to say WE were inappropriately dressed. By far our rudest experience in Roma in the last three days. Atrocious!

      The owner in a t-shirt whom sneered at us on our arrival and had the audacity to say WE were inappropriately dressed.
    • Foto di Ryan S.
      Ryan S.
      Brewster, Stati Uniti
      4 lug 2023

      Server Pepe. He hates Americans!

      While the food was good across the board, the service was an abomination. I made reservations for my family of 5: boys 17,15,13 on a slow Tuesday for their sidewalk seating "Al fresco". Upon arrival I was told that we are not eligible for outdoor seating due to children in the party - they were all dressed with collared shirts etc, and are very experienced with formal dining (which this was not).

      Long story short, other children from other family were seated outdoors; Pepe lied and said that the outdoor seating was fully reserved - ultimately 10 large tables went unused outside. The hostess & Pepe made my family very uncomfortable to be there and then failed to bring ordered items, never checked in with us, refilled waters etc. The service was the very worst that we have experienced in years.

      This is my first ever yelp review and I spent the 45 mins effort on vacation to get it published. My advice is to avoid this restaurant at all costs, especially if you are American. I suspect disrespect for the American Tourist was the true culprit at this neighborhood restaurant. If you read through these reviews, this disrespect for foreigners is a common theme. Such a bummer that anti-foreigner is a thing. Btw, the temperature inside was 15 degrees higher inside our empty dining room, thus my outrage.

    • Foto di Dorian B.
      Dorian B.
      Palm Desert, Stati Uniti
      25 giu 2023

      Pizza was good. Huge selection. I wish we would have made reservations. We got a table but it would have been much nicer to sit outside. That was our fault. Price was very reasonable. Service was okay but they seemed slightly understaffed. I would go back.

    • Foto di Sara J.
      Sara J.
      Temecula, Stati Uniti
      1 ott 2022

      The fish anchioves just came in fresh today for the Spaghetti alle Vongole, , and the pizza with porcini mushroom is looking good as well (its mushroom season). The wait staff were very helpful in choosing interesting items on the menu, i leaned in and went with their recommendations. So yum. Huge portions too, i think are meant for sharing but Im a solo traveler so I had to hold myself back from ordering 1 of everything. Sit outside if you can, its a beautiful outdoor garden space only a short stroll from the Borghese museum. Best of all, im probably the only out-of-towner here. Its busy with locals and their families. Lots of Italian language immersion going on around me. I can here for lunch and then returned for dinner. Im starting to feel like a regular and its only my 1st day in Rome.

      Spaghetti alle Vongole
    • Foto di Suzanne K.
      Suzanne K.
      Austin, Stati Uniti
      28 ott 2022

      We recently spent one week in Rome and ate here FIVE times - it was that good! Everything we ordered was fresh and delicious. Our server Daniel greeted us warmly and made us feel so welcomed. Grazie Fior di Zucca!

    • Foto di Gordon D.
      Gordon D.
      Dallas, Stati Uniti
      10 giu 2019

      This was our first meal in Rome and it didn't disappoint.

      Started with a fresh caprese salad served with homemade bread.

      My son had the tenderloin carppaccio - five stars. So tasty.

      I had the mushroom pasta special - not that great.

      We enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk for an authentic café style experience. They also have ample inside seating.

      We were there when they opened at 7:30pm. Italians, of course, don't really start showing up until 8:30 or 9:00pm.

    • Foto di GiGi D.
      GiGi D.
      Peachtree City, Stati Uniti
      10 ott 2016

      Eating in Rome, Italy can be quite the struggle because with every corner you turn there is another delicious looking and sounding restaurant with the waitstaff waiting for you outside inviting you in (sometimes obnoxiously). That being said, since my hotel is a little outside the hustle and bustle of the city center, my options were a bit limited, and honestly, I was okay with that because the craziness of Rome can be insanely OVERWHELMING.

      After returning to our hotel after a long day of soaking in the sights, I didn't really want to go back to the craziness, thus opted to check out a local bistro near the hotel. There weren't many, AT ALL, thus I was sort of forced to go to this spot, although, no one would have to force me to go again if need be.

      The food was so fresh and delicious (minus the tomatoes on the Caprese Salad--- I just came from Greece, where they are known for their tomatoes so I'm a bit spoiled), and the portions were pretty epic to say the least. I certainly did not leave hungry.

      I ordered the salmon carpaccio, as well as the swordfish entree with baked vegetables.... Or excuse me "backed" vegetables.

      The salmon carpaccio was not made of RAW fish like you might think, it was actually salt cured. Initially I was hesitant because I'm not a fan of cured foods, but this salmon was delicious and I devoured my plate instantaneously. My swordfish was also deliciously prepared with a puttanesca topping, and the cherry tomatoes sprinkled on top were divine. The "backed" vegetables, which wound up being grilled zucchini and eggplant as well as potatoes were a great accompaniment. I was 100% satisfied when done licking my plate.

      My friend got the beef carpaccio plate that was PIZZA SIZE topped with fresh parmesan cheese and arugula... The mean was juicy, tender and lean, and this appetizer was definitely big enough to be an entree or shared among the table. She also got a Caprese salad that boasted scrumptious mozzarella... She couldn't get enough, however she said the tomatoes were a bit lack luster, and I tried one and agreed.

      Over all though, we were very happy... And the best part is that this restaurant was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, thus is was intimate, romantic and so very relaxing. A neighborhood gem.

      Alex was a wonderful server, very accommodating. At times the service was a tiny bit slow but that could have simply been me just being antsy, tired and a "stupid GO GO GO American".

    • Foto di Cary R.
      Cary R.
      Dix Hills, Stati Uniti
      29 ago 2017

      Absolutely amazing! The best service we had while visiting Rome. I made reservations based on reviews and boy I'm glad I did! We got there by 8 a few tables with customers. By 9 the place was packed!! It started off a bit shaky as we stood there waiting for someone to acknowledge us. I thought there goes our last meal in Rome (side note: I love good food accompanied by even better service) I was glad I was wrong! Our waiter was amazing,attentive and funny! He even gave us a free bottle of wine. Our bottle finished and here he comes opening a new one. We kinda were speechless at this point as we didn't order another bottle, he placed it on our table and walked away rather quickly. We sat there wondering should we say something? My fiancée said who cares? it's our last night lets drink it. We did - he came by a few minutes later and said to us from me to you!!! The pork ossobucco just amazing! I will post the pics! I can't wait to come back to Rome and come back to this gem!

    • Foto di Elliot H.
      Elliot H.
      Baldwin, Stati Uniti
      8 ago 2018

      We were the first ones at the restaurant yet they wouldn't sit out outside, we were thrown in the corner in the back. However the food made up for the lack of politeness of the restaurant. Everything was fresh, everything was delicious. A good first meal for Rome near our hotel in a quiet neighborhood. Highly recommend.

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