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    Foto di Marco T.

    Marco T.

    Pietanze genuine nella forma di fritture e non solo, avvolte nei tradizionali cartocci di carta paglia, fondano qualità , tradizione e innovazione il tutto all'interno di uno scenario unico e pittoresco per far vivere un'esperienza indimenticabile.

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    • Foto di Doug L.
      Doug L.
      Mableton, Stati Uniti
      21 set 2022

      Stopped by for lunch. Had a swordfish sandwich. Had something like Cole slaw on it and a lot of mayonnaise. So much it was hard to taste the fish. There was a lot of fish on it

      They had an Italian sparkling lemonade with it that was delicious.

    • Foto di David K.
      David K.
      San Mateo, Stati Uniti
      9 gen 2022

      Located in the heart of Catania's fish market is Scirocco, a renowned street food eatery serving cones of fried fish and other seafood dishes. The item that caught my eye as I walked by was their dish of the day, a seafood caponata. Caponata is a typical Sicilian dish made of chopped eggplants, peppers, onions, tomato paste, olives, capers, and pine nuts, but the unique feature of Scirocco's caponata was that it also contained fried chunks of a local Sicilian fish called capone (incidentally making this a capone caponata!). The eggplant salad was served chilled and had the perfect balance of sweet, acidic, and savory flavors from the combination of the cooked vegetables and tomato paste, but it was the meaty chunks of fish that really brought this caponata over the top!

    • Foto di Steven H.
      Steven H.
      Delray Beach, Stati Uniti
      1 mag 2023

      This is a great choice for seafood at the market. We loved the Arancini and the seafood cone of fried fish.

      Seafood Cone
    • Foto di Marlon T.
      Marlon T.
      San Francisco, Stati Uniti
      20 dic 2020

      For a unique Sicilian seafood treat, Scirocco has got you covered!

      The fishy/lively atmosphere, the location overlooking the Catania Fish Market, and the flavorful fried foods, makes Scirocco a good spot to relax and people watch. If you're unsure of what to get and/or you're not really too adventurous, just get the fried octopus and squid cone. Do get a Sicilian beer to go with your meal.

      It's little gems like these that make a trip worth your while!

    • Foto di Why-Tie Z.
      Why-Tie Z.
      San Francisco, Stati Uniti
      13 nov 2019

      Fair prices. 5€ for a cup of pulpo. We didn't order any fried dishes so I can't rate for those. We ordered the pulpo insalata which was basically pulpo and potato with a good amount of pulpo and the Dish of the day which was vegetarian egg plant with olives and tomatoes, pretty Mediterranean.

      The price is fantastic, the portion is ok but the taste was average. Wouldn't come again. Note that this rating does not apply to the fried dishes

      Insalata pulpo
    • Foto di Meredith A.
      Meredith A.
      Newcastle, Regno Unito
      22 nov 2019

      I think this was our favourite meal of our whole trip to Sicily. I'm not sure my husband will ever forgive me for wanting to try other places for lunch on subsequent days - he just wanted to come back here, and indeed I am not surprised.

      We just ordered at the window, overlooking the busy pescharia (Fish market), and then grabbed a table under an umbrella nearby. Five minutes later, we were presented with cold beers and a piping hot, perfectly crisp, cone of fried fish. They were wonderful. Flavour and texture could not have been better. As fresh as can be. Even our 2 year old loved it! We also got some of the fried vegetables (you know, to be healthy) and they were perfect too - how they managed to elevate such ordinary vegetables I don't know. I supposed frying them has something to do with it. But it was just the perfect meal with a beer on a sunny day. We still talk fondly about it and would recommend it to everyone!

    • Foto di D B.
      D B.
      Ottawa, Canada
      27 mag 2018

      Great location next to the fish market. Seafood and vegetable were both great, as was the octopus salad. Good spot for a quick mid-day bite. Outdoor seating in the square.

    • Foto di Chris J.
      Chris J.
      Virginia Beach, Stati Uniti
      8 mar 2018

      Amazing little spot! Best & freshest seafood offerings I've had during our trip. I went back 3 times in 2 days it was so good. The menu is short but excellent. The octopus is wonderful, the cones of boneless fried fish was spectacular, and the arancita of fish was very good. A nice little glass of wine was the perfect pairing. Make sure you stop at Scirocco if you're within 20 miles!

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