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    • Foto di J B.
      J B.
      San Francisco, Stati Uniti
      26 apr 2019
      Primo recensore

      Remaining bottom teeth removed this afternoon. Deep surgery on two. It was maximum cost on their sliding scale. They charged me for a minimum cost on their sliding scale.

      Amazing surgeon. Excellent skills, excellent manner, gentle as possible - come on, he ripped my mouth open and broke my jaw. Any doc who can get a good review for that has to be pretty damn good.

      Yesterday I had a new intern. He was instructing her as he worked on my teeth, explaining what he was doing, which tools were appropriate, procedures that are similar, and how they differ.

      If I hadn't been so stoned from the anaesthetic I would have learned a lot.

      Of course, I do have a broke jaw. And eleven new holes in my damn mouth. Plate is already made, pick up Monday.

      If you live in or close to Abbotsford, BC, and need a dental surgeon, go see Dr. Safari at 7 Oaks Laser Dentistry. Really. Staff is awesome, too.

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